Recommended websites:

    • – Scottish CND’s main site contains information about our campaigns such as Nae Nuclear which highlights the fact that all British nuclear weapons are currently based on the Clyde
    • HM Naval Base Clyde – commonly known as Faslane – where the UK’s nuclear weapons and submarines are based.
    • – CND is a network of regional organisations, and the main site for the UK has some useful resources including Peace Education materials, and this map of Nuclear Britain.
    • – an international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, with very good material for example an interactive map which lets you put in your address and select a bomb size to see what would be destroyed (also see Nukemap).
    • and for details about the recently adopted Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
    • – set up by 2 Nobel Peace Laureates to ensure that reliable information on WMDs is available to all.
    • – Peace Education Network (PEN) is open to organisations working in peace education. Members are engaged in a rich variety of peace education work in schools, colleges, universities, youth work projects, and elsewhere.
    • Pax Christi – International Catholic Movement for Peace has various peace resources and units for primary and secondary schools.

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