Oppenheimer filmTo mark the release of the new Oppenheimer film, the Peace Education Network (PEN) with Quakers in Britain,and Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) have released lessons examining the legacy of early atomic scientists. [ Download the free resources via this link.]
This resource includes a presentation with quotes and fascinating biographical facts about scientists incuding Einstein, Heisenberg,Szilard and Bohr (who all featured in the Oppenheimer film) and it may be of particular interest to science departments.

The Doomsday Clock

On 24th January 2023 the Doomsday clock was set at 90 seconds to midnight (download our free resource about the Doomsday clock).
Created in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the doomsday clock is a symbol that reflects the risk of man-made threats to the world. Our PDF / Word doc contains further information and an exercise for pupils.

Environmental Costs of Nuclear Weapons – COP26/27 Resources

Our booklet “Environmental Costs of Nuclear Weapons” is a useful resource for educators, politicians, or anyone wishing to have an informed debate on nuclear weapons.

Covering topics such as climate and resource related conflicts, adverse effects from nuclear tests and uranium mining, radioactive and toxic discharges, the close links between civil nuclear power stations and weapons programmes, and the large ‘carbon bootprint’ of the military – the booklet also includes useful links and references.

It is available to download here, or contact for printed copies.

New videos – Environment & Morality

Nuclear Weapons and the Environment – our short video about the environmental effects of Nuclear Weapons is a resource especially suitable for discussions around COP26.

(direct link, and also available Subtitled or Audio Described)

Nuclear Weapons and Morality – a short video about the moral questions around nuclear weapons. Includes religious and non-religious ideas on the morality and ethics of weapons of mass destruction.

(direct link, and also available Subtitled or Audio Described)(Subtitled version here: )

This video complements our Morality module detailing the moral, ethical and legal arguments surrounding the possession and use of Nuclear Weapons and our ‘Morality – Just War Theory’ Powerpoint presentation

Modern Studies – Scottish Higher

New material by Peace Education Scotland relevant to the Modern Studies Higher exam will be presented to the Modern Studies Association (MSA) which is holding its 2020 Annual Conference online in November.
Our ‘Objectivity Questions’ presentation can be downloaded free from this website as a Powerpoint ppt and PDF pdf and considers the objectivity question from Paper 2 of 2019.

Education Packs

New for 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has raised financial, moral and ethical questions about spending on nuclear weapons versus spending on our health service. Peace Education Scotland have provided an information sheet for teachers and home educators which aims to summarise some of these issues, together with some practical considerations such as “social distancing” on a nuclear-armed submarine. It includes sample questions, curriculum links and references. Download it here:

New for 2019 – two very topical modules – the first on the Environment and Nuclear Winter examines the effects on the climate and human survival after a regional nuclear conflict, while the second investigates the moral, ethical and legal arguments surrounding the possession and use of Nuclear Weapons. Both modules, and accompanying Powerpoint presentation are downloadable for free below:

Nuclear Weapons: Yes or No” is aimed at late primary to early secondary school pupils. The four units are: The Nuclear Weapons Debate, Nuclear Explosions, Trident and Pressure Groups. Each unit is based around a core booklet, while video and further challenges can be selected at the teacher’s discretion to add depth and width to the core booklet’s topic.

The booklets can be downloaded as PDF files here:1-the-nuclear-weapons-debate-020913-1-thumb3

(Free software such as Adobe PDF reader, Foxit Reader and Apple’s ‘Preview’ can be used to open PDF files on all platforms: PC/Mac/Linux or mobile devices. The pack PDFs are designed to be accessible to those who use screen readers or text-to-speech software)

The units can be used individually or in any combination and are cross curricular. Each unit has the same structure based around a core booklet:

  • Video introduction
  • Booklet
  • Challenges
  • Further challenges
  • References to further information

video-thumbThe videos, challenges and further challenges can be selected at the teacher’s discretion. The videos are also available on our Vimeo channel

As a supplement to our packs you can download our Added Value Unit pdf or visit our Additional Resources page for more information.

Scottish CND have tried to be as objective and balanced as possible; with the underlying principle that young people should be encouraged to have knowledgeable debates and opinions about nuclear weapons. Throughout the resource there is an emphasis on and opportunities for the pupils to develop their thinking skills.