Peace Education Scotland are a Scottish Charity (#SC046853) who aim to advance knowledge of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

New videos – Environment & Morality

Nuclear Weapons and the Environment – a short video about the environmental effects of Nuclear Weapons. A resource especially suitable for discussions around COP26.

(direct link, and also available Subtitled or Audio Described)

Nuclear Weapons and Morality – a short video about the moral questions around nuclear weapons. Includes religious and non-religious ideas on the morality and ethics of weapons of mass destruction.

(direct link, and also available Subtitled or Audio Described)(Subtitled version here: )

Resources Update – Modern Studies / COVID19

Modern Studies – Scottish Higher

New material by Peace Education Scotland relevant to the Modern Studies Higher exam was presented to the Modern Studies Association (MSA) in November 2020.
Our ‘Objectivity Questions’ presentation can be downloaded free from this website as a Powerpoint ppt and PDF pdf and considers the objectivity question from Paper 2 of 2019.

COVID-19 & Nuclear weapons

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised financial, moral and ethical questions about spending on nuclear weapons versus spending on our health service. Peace Education Scotland have provided an information sheet for teachers and home educators which aims to summarise some of these issues, together with some practical considerations such as “social distancing” on a nuclear-armed submarine. It includes sample questions, curriculum links and references. Download it here: COVID-19 and Nuclear Weapons pdf

Resources Update – Survivors’ Stories

Survivors’ Stories Talk – available for your school

Teachers of RME, Modern Studies or History are invited to book a free presentation with a moving talk:
•   Hibakusha video testimonies & stories and a presentation on the Hiroshima &  Nagasaki bombings
•  Q & A on nuclear weapons and roles of pressure groups. A great way to mark the International Day of Peace in your school, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Anniversaries, or as a valuable follow up to the Just War Unit and Pressure Groups lessons.
Book now to get the free presentation with videos and talk, or download some of the materials here: Survivor’s Stories PDF pdf or PowerPoint ppt.

The exhibition Scotland A Peace of History by Scottish CND is on tour in public venues, museums and schools. Peace Education Scotland are inviting teachers to book this for free. It shares the rich heritage of the Scottish peace and nuclear disarmament movement. More details exhibition and here


Resources – Education Packs

– We have a very topical information sheet for Teachers and Home Educators on the subject of COVID-19 and Nuclear Weapons. In addition there are two other very topical modules – the first on the Environment and Nuclear Winter examines the effects on the climate and human survival after a regional nuclear conflict, while the second investigates the moral, ethical and legal arguments surrounding the possession and use of Nuclear Weapons. Both modules, and accompanying Powerpoint presentation are downloadable for free below:

Our popular educational resource “Nuclear Weapons: Yes or No” is aimed at late primary to secondary school pupils.It has four units which can be viewed/downloaded as PDF files here:

The resource includes videos, further challenges, resources and an Added Value Unit pdf which can be selected at the teacher’s discretion to add depth and width to the topic.

image of a talking headWe welcome feedback from pupils and teachers about the packs. Please click here to volunteer as one of our school speakers or request a speaker for your school.

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