Environmental Costs of Nuclear Weapons

COP26 Resources

Our booklet “Environmental Costs of Nuclear Weapons” is a useful resource for educators, politicians, or anyone wishing to have an informed debate on nuclear weapons.

Covering topics such as climate and resource related conflicts, adverse effects from nuclear tests and uranium mining, radioactive and toxic discharges, the close links between civil nuclear power stations and weapons programmes, and the large ‘carbon bootprint’ of the military – the booklet also includes useful links and references.

It is available to download here https://www.peaceeducationscotland.org/docs/nuclear-environment-booklet.pdf, or contact info@peaceeducationscotland.org for printed copies.

New video

Nuclear Weapons and the Environment – our short video about the environmental effects of Nuclear Weapons is a resource especially suitable for discussions around COP26.

(direct link, and also available Subtitled or Audio Described)


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