History teacher review of materials

Many thanks to Emma Cooper, History Teacher at Farr High School, Highlands for this encouraging feedback.



Education Pack Success

Hello, I am the History teacher at Farr High School, Highlands. I picked up a copy of the education packs from the SATH conference in 2017. This was a very useful resource and I have used it with a third year class as a preluede to our Cold War topic. As an introduction to the topic the pack worked well. It gave new information but encouraged opinion and the debate format worked well. I thank you for the worksheets which were logical and accessible to all members of the class. Positive feedback from Farr!

Thanks again, Emma

There are many sections of our packs and resources relevant for history teachers, but here are the most obvious parts:

The Nuclear Weapons Debate, page 9 Challenge The Hiroshima Debate & page 14 Challenge Considering Cold War

The Cuban Missile Crisis


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