New Talk for schools “Survivors’ Stories”

Survivors’s Stories Talk available for your school

Teachers are invited to book a rare and moving talk with:

•    Hibakusha video testimonies, poems, stories, posters and a presentation of the Hiroshima &  Nagasaki bombings
•    Ending with a “How to make a peace crane” workshop & The Story Of Sadako

This could be a great way to mark the International Day of Peace in your school or the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Anniversary or just a great follow up to the Just War Unit and the pressure groups lessons.

( You can download some of the materials here: Survivor’s Stories PDF pdf or PowerPoint )ppt.

We will send a trained volunteer to deliver the talk for free.

This programme is running from from late August to October 2018.

Please get in touch if you wish any further information or want to book a visit.


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