‘The War Game’: Censorship, War and the Media – Glasgow Caledonian University, 6 Nov

GCU’s School for Business and Society is delighted to be delivering this event as part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Festival of Social Sciences 2019 #ESRCFestival. Tickets here

Though over 50 years old and shot in black and white, ‘The War Game’ remains a key film in galvanising debate on vital political and social questions of our time.

This event will comprise a film screening of “The War Game”, the 1966 Academy Award winning TV documentary film by director Peter Watkins. It will be based on research undertaken by Professor John Cook of Glasgow Caledonian University on the 20 year banning of the film from British TV. Professor Cook’s work uncovered UK Cabinet Office files evidence of the BBC collaborating with Government to ban the film from TV Screens.

The 45 minutes film screening will be followed by a Q &A panel discussion session involving Professor Cook, a spokesperson from the BBC or Westminster Government and the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) to discuss the relationship of the film to sociological and politics studies questions such as freedom and its constraints in Western democratic societies; the history of the Cold War; the continuing threat of nuclear weapons; what should the relationship be between broadcasters and Government in a free society?

This event is open to the general public aged 16 and over as well as senior school pupils studying politics, modern studies, history and media, students from GCU’s partner colleges across Greater Glasgow studying social sciences, politics and media and university students. All are welcome to engage in a debate about the important social science questions ‘The War Game’ raises. The event coincides with CND Scotland’s 60th Anniversary and will include an exhibition and refreshments.

‘The War Game’ film is rated 12 by the British Board of Film Classification. The film contains graphic images simulating the effects of nuclear war which some viewers of a more sensitive nature may find shocking or upsetting.

Please contact susan.grant@gcu.ac.uk if you have any questions.

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