War School: The Battle for Britain’s Children

Peace Education Scotland is pleased to host the Scottish premiere of War School: The Battle for Britain’s Children in Edinburgh on Tuesday June 11.

War School: The Battle for Britain’s Children explores the growing peace movement in the UK, in the context of growing militarisation of British schools for propaganda and recruitment purposes. The documentary highlights the widespread outreach and PR events run by the Ministry of Defence, and how sympathy and respect for veterans is systematically channeled into support for Britain’s military-industrial complex. This propaganda effort aimed at young people is particularly disturbing, as they lack the emotional fortitude, self-confidence and critical skills that enable adults to recognise when they’re being manipulated.

War School raises the serious question of whether the British as a whole are ‘sleepwalking’ ourselves into a far more militarised society, and what that change might mean for the livelihoods of the nation’s children, now and later in life. The viewer cannot help but be disturbed by the scores of footage of children at Armed Forces Day events, playing with tanks and guns, and practicing firing triggers. A discussion of armed forces recruitment tactics reveals that such events are far from the co-operative, community based endeavours they are advertised as. The risk to the nation’s youth is heightened; placed in the context of unethical training practises, inhumane tasks during combat itself, and the struggles faced by veterans following service, including tackling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders under an overwhelming lack of support from the Armed Forces. Much of this story is told through verbatim testimonies from veterans themselves, lending a personal quality to the film. The film emphasises to us the importance of peace education and ensuring a presence within educational establishments to counterbalance ongoing militarism in education as well as actual recruitment drives in schools.

Content Warning: The film contains swearing and graphic descriptions of acts of war, as well as images of war that some may find disturbing. Please consider this before bringing children under the age of 15.

Location: Grassmarket Picturehouse (Grassmarket Community Project) – 86 Candlemaker Row, EH1 2QA

Date: Tuesday, June 11. Doors open @ 6.30pm

Tickets: Tickets are completely free, though we will be accepting donations on the night.

Book your ticket for free here:    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/film-night-war-school-the-battle-for-britains-children-tickets-60521967835?aff=ebdssbdestsearch


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